our Mission

The Muslim Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto engages Muslim youth by providing an inclusive space for them to foster a meaningful Muslim identity, enriched and supported by quality educational and counseling services.

our Vision

Our vision is to establish a model precedent for Muslim campus chaplaincy that is firmly rooted within the Prophetic Way, which can then serve campuses nationally. We seek to provide the guidance, resources and support for each campus chapter of Muslim chaplaincy to facilitate quality services, counseling, and programming for young Muslims.

our guiding Values

Our guiding values are composed of three elements: Embrace, Engage, Empower. These three elements are based on the traditional systems of outreach and interpersonal relationships. In all our efforts, we strive to make people feel welcomed and loved, to help them develop a sense of confidence and sustainability in their faith, and to equip them with the tools they need to excel as positive contributors.

What is Islamic Chaplaincy?

Islamic chaplaincy is the next step of Islamic leadership in North America, dedicated to nurturing healthy spiritual development in individuals. By having access to a wave of committed, well educated, balanced, nurturing, and culturally relevant role models, young Muslims no longer feel at a loss when they face challenges of faith and identity. 

In the spirit of Quranic principles, the work of Islamic chaplaincy is not limited to Muslims. Everyone is welcomed, honored, and assisted. 

The Muslim Chaplaincy at the University of Toronto is an independent, registered not-for-profit in Canada. Please support our work by donating.

The story of our logo

Our logo was designed with rich vibrant colours to be welcoming to those who may find themselves in need of our services. As a one-dimensional shape, the white hexagon within a larger hexagon serves as a metaphor for the space that the chaplaincy provides students. Whereas, the overlapping circular shapes within the larger hexagon are meant to represent the coming together of different people. The shape of the hexagon can also be interpreted as a three-dimensional cube — a reference to the Ka‘bah — that serves as a unifying point for Muslims of various backgrounds. Symbolizing diversity and creativity, we hope our logo will be a source of comfort and inspiration for all those who see it.