The Good Life

We all seek the good life, But What is the good life? How is it achieved? And how can it be maintained? Join us as we discuss these timeless questions with our very own Chaplain Imam Yasin Dwyer.

Soul Care

Do you feel burnt out and demotivated?
Do you struggle with “spiritual lows”?
Is there a connection between the two?

This is a 5-week interactive series led by our very own Sr. Olfat Sakr, in which we explore what self-care is and how we can practically apply self-care practices in our daily lives. We will set goals for ourselves at the end of each session and check in every week on our progress.

In Transit

Muslim Chaplaincy of Toronto presents “In Transit” hosted by Yasin Dwyer. We all come from one source. Our lives are the proverbial package patiently waiting to be delivered to our destinations. Some get lost in transit, others will be returned to sender. The spiritual journey is the beginning of the sacred return.

Fruits of Faith

Riyāḍ us ṣāliḥīn­, often referred to as ­Gardens of the Righteous­, is a famous and popular collection of ­hadith by Imam an-Nawawi. It is consider­ed as one of the most reliable sources o­f the sayings and traditions of the Holy­ Prophet (peace be upon him).
Ustadh Omar Patel will be covering selections this semester and all ­are welcome to join and benefit­.